Fraud? I report,you decide

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Fraud? I report,you decide

Post by boxerpaws60 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:37 pm

Remember Dick Morris predicting a landslide victory for Romney? He even bet on it. He doesn't strike me as the kind of person that would put his reputation out there on a bet unless it were a sure thing. I had that feeling too. It wasn't a slam dunk by any means but all the signs were pointing to a Romney landslide.How do you go from a landslide to a loss? I hope you have taken a look at the post called Low Turn Out? Really? Now at the same time this was going on Sandra Fluke had a total of 24 people at a rally and "Catholics" (i use the term loosely)for Obama had a rally with a reported 50 some people.
My friend from Florida and i talked frequently during the race and the word; Florida is Romney country. I pressed often and played devil's advocate,are you sure? He never changed his mind. Florida was going to vote Romney. I know this person. He wouldn't say it unless he was certain. It was not wishful thinking.

A lot of people are saying fraud.Some actually witnessed it. The people saying it are not conspiracy theory types. It's not like it's one small group here and another there. There have been cries of foul all over the place.
Does anyone seem to think it would be beneath the Obama campaign? When did he stop being corrupt? Isn't this Obama the community organizer with ties to Acorn- well known for voter fraud ?
Anyone heard how the military vote broke? Did it go for Obama or Romney? Anyone know? I don't recall it even being mentioned but i did hear that late ballots would not be counted. What about the New Black Panthers and the mural of Obama at a polling station? All against the law. Fraud beneath them?
I live in Pa. I wasn't sure how Pa would go but i knew there was a movement towards Romney here and concluded that Pa was a possible. Not a likely,but a possible. I know some of Obama's policies hit certain sectors of Pa's economy hard-ie coal. No small matter in Pennsylvania.We have a history of mining in the state.(My dad's father was a coal miner near Pittsburgh, back when).

The point is we knew with some certainty that Romney was going to win. There were people who didn't necessarily support Romney but would have crawled over broken glass and walked over hot coals to vote Obama out of office.Still, a lot of people-like myself-came to be genuinely enthused about Romney and couldn't wait to vote for him. It's not like nobody knew what was at stake. Then there was that group of ppl who had been supporting Romney all along and they knew what a great choice he was.
It's also true Obama got a bump from the Sandy photo op but given everything we were seeing i don't think it was enough of a bump to throw the election to him. Actually most people had decided long before Sandy who they were going to vote for. The bump may have been some people who weren't sure they were going to vote Obama. Thank you Gov Christie for giving Obama that bump.

I believed Romney had a very good chance. I was getting excited as well as anxious for Nov 6. I don't know about you but i had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that something might go wrong. I normally don't get that feeling but with Obama wanting a second term and the media wanting it for him so badly i wondered if it could get 'screwed up' somehow.

You know how you felt like a punch in the stomach when it was over? That was because you knew it just wasn't possible.We can't go totally on gut instinct so you have to look at the big picture. The crowd turn out,the enthusiasm, the strength of the anti Obama vote AND the reports of fraud. It's been a huge problem since Obama first ran. In fact i think since he first ran it's part and parcel . However,the robbed vote that is the most disturbing, is the military vote. We always say,"every vote counts."If anyone's vote should count it's theirs.

If anyone knows what happened to the military vote and knows who it broke for,Obama or Romney,PLS let me know. I haven't heard a thing,have you? Has anyone? Has the military vote been reported anywhere so we know how the candidates did with the military? The media broke down all the other polls.They usually mention the military vote. NOT A PEEP.
Now if you haven't had a chance to see the rally photos give them a look.If you have-take a look again. I'll be adding more to the collection too. Look at those and you tell me.Low turn out,really?
More info to come.

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