Romney was right all along

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Romney was right all along

Post by boxerpaws60 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:01 pm

Michael Dorstewitz (BIZPAC Review) today writes about four points in the last two weeks in which Mitt Romney was right: Jeeps, Mali, Obama targeting second amendment rights, and “binders of women”.

In conclusion, Dorstewitz underscores the value of Romney’s vast business experience in enabling him to see “reality” versus Obama’s ethereal mantra of “hope”: ‘The last two weeks should go down as a period of vindication for former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and earn him the nickname, “soothsayer of the Western World” — a modern-age Nostradamus. ‘ actually we will do better. We will DRAFT ROMNEY 2016.
(Read it all here: T60c0B)

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