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thanks to the new member

Unfortunately i don' t think we can accomplish our goal w/ just 2 ppl. i hope eventually ppl will be willing to get on board and go for it with us. I would love to have another admin who is equally committed to Mitt in 2016. We're obviously not very busy right now. If you want to become an admin though tell me about yourself and your support for Romney. We can take it from there.

Will give this movement another year or 2 to pick up. if there are ppl willing to work in earnest then the board will continue on. If not-then chances are i will also throw in the towel and at least keep the board updated with whatever Romney news i can post.
He(Mitt)is presently keeping his facebook page updated. I also know that he was offered a private sector job.
Probably the big question is; if we DRAFT ROMNEY for 2016 would he run? I am presently trying to ascertain the answer and the min i hear anything-either way-will post here. Usually candidates are very upfront about that and either rule it out totally or leave it on the table-open for possibility. They don't often say YES outright as much as they would say NO outright.i'll do what it takes to quietly get an answer. i don't think making a statement that the media would get wind of would be in our (or his)best interest. I say a quiet but powerful grassroots movement serves our goal better.

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