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Post by boxerpaws60 on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:36 pm

We need bloggers,Tweeters .,business cards. you can start your own Romney 2016 newspaper at paperii.

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I will be making up some business cards this year for Romney 2016. Once these are printed will share a photo online-including where and how this can be done.

There are several good blog sitss such as wordpress or blogger(if you have a gmail account blogger is a good choice).
Even if you have never blogged before-no problem. If anyone needs a hand getting started get in touch. Will be glad to help.

Eventually we can use Meet Up. It is probably just a little too early for that but we can definitely get it rolling when the time comes.

If anyone has any ideas don't short change yourself. Put them out here.
We need some suggestions for an outreach to the hispanic and other communities the GOP may have failed to reach. We will not be bound by the shortcomings of a political party even if we are registered Republicans. This is about VICTORY,not party.


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