When do we start?

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When do we start?

I don't think the elect Romney 2016 is going to get rolling w/ just 2 ppl. Understand-we probably feel despondent,angry or resigned to Obama. Yes, he has another 4 yrs.So do we. Yes,3 million ppl who obviously didn't care enough about their country stayed home and didn't vote. Word is less people voted for Romney than McCain. That doesn't have to hold the rest of us back just because 3 million ppl didn't care. Maybe they thought Romney was as bad as or worse than Obama. Evidently ppl listen to the Obama run media and do not care to keep themselves informed. We can't worry about those ppl. They will get what they asked for. They have no right to complain either.We've got to get 3 million Americans who do care to come to our side. It can be done but we're going to have to get more than 2 ppl on board.

I'm sorry myself that i didn't see how good a choice Romney was sooner. i came around late and realized how good a choice Gov Romney really was. He would have been a terrific President. He will be a terrific President in 2016. It may be just the right time.So pls join here and get any and all Romney supporters to join us in this effort. Let's grab other ppl too. We begin now we will make history.
It can be done but it's going to take our getting together NOW and using the next 4 yrs to get where we need to be.
One last thing.Obama doesn't get off easy. He ordered the stand down at Benghazi.
We know it-nobody else could do that but him. He's gotten away with a lot bc the media supports him but we're going to hold his feet to the fire bc we lost 4 good Americans here.So far nobody is taking responsibility and we know it's Obama. He's not skating off on this one. `
PLS join and get ready to win! We will not accept anything less than a Romney victory in 2016! We still believe in America!!

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