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Whatever you can do

Post by boxerpaws60 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:25 pm

We need bloggers,tweeters,writers.Set up a Facebook page for Romney 2016.*Promote the forum there too.A blog,even if you've never had one before,for Romney 2016. Write letters to editors dispelling the nonsense about Romney. Do you tweet? Let's tweet for Romney. Any petitions out there for voter fraud. Post em here.
We'll sign them. A poll-we'll vote for Romney.
Whatever it takes.
Later,we'll do flyers and newspaper ads. Simple Pamphlets about Gov Romney. We may even do business cards.
Any other ideas? Post here. We'll use them.
Grow the grassroots. That's the goal.If we get the word that Romney is on board we'll see about raising SMALL donations in 2013-2014.
Romney 2016,the Website
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Feel free to create your own too. We'll promote it.

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