we can get around the media

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we can get around the media

Post by boxerpaws60 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:58 pm

need bloggers, tweeters,you tubes.We can schedule live chats here from time to time and get other romney supporters together. We need to keep an eye on the news whenever someone covers anything about Gov Romney.They will have their own spin. If you like to write we can use people on these stories to respond. They generally all have a section for comments now. If not,letters to the editor come in handy. We can't let them control the narrative.

Anyone want to do a Romney paper? There is a free service called Many of you are probably already familiar with it. I have a a paper that has been set up for some time and this is an example of what can be done. Of course,the main goal be to keep Mitt in the 'limelight' for the next couple years. It's going to take some dedication to stay with it that long,but if you're interested it would be helpful.
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We have to get around the media with media of of our own.Any other ideas? Love to hear em!

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