The Basics(board features)

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The Basics(board features)

Post by boxerpaws60 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:06 pm

Images:You can host images right here or use a url. IE store at or similar service,copy and paste the url on the appropriate menu button. Check out each of these buttons and you'll see which one is which.There is also a gallery for your photos on the main navigation menu. If you don't have a service to upload your images to and don't like the hosting here let me know.Will put up a list of image hosting services that work well.The hosting service here has been excellent. .Never had a problem to date.

Media(You Tube):The old embed code from You Tube works well.You can try other codes. i can't guarantee which ones will work and which ones won't. If there's a problem posting a video let me know. We'll test it and see if we can get it working.
Further you can add docs/images as an attachment.

Emoticons: To use the smilies.Just click the one you want. That's it.Will be adding *special* emoties such as Birthday,Christmas,Holidays soon.

Avatar: go to your profile and upload an image OR check out the AVATAR GALLERY and select one from the forum's list.

Signatures: Yes,they're permitted. It's in your profile.

Private Messages:once you're a member you can send private messages to members or email if they have added it to the account. For those that don't want to be sent email through the board-no problem. It's an option.You're only required to have a valid email address when you sign up.When you have a message in your inbox it will show in the Navigation Menu at the top of the board.
Other sites;yes,you may provide a link to articles related to our topics or a site related to Mitt Romney. Sites with a conservative topic will work too. A candidate you want to support-no problem as long as it does not conflict with Draft Romney. However, it would be appreciated that members do not use links for sites advertising NON RELATED items for profit. If in doubt,ask. We'll see what we can let squeak by (or not).
We're not here to compete with other sites at all. In fact I'd happy to have you promote other conservative sites or Mitt Romney sites that you think are worth our attention.

Language: i don't need to tell you what is appropriate or not. You're an adult. There are 2 words that will not fly here though.The F......bomb and the N word.We believe in free speech but do not insult our intelligence or your own with those 2.

Polls: you want to add one you can use a post to put up a poll.Look under options at the bottom of this area to change post to poll.

Blog: Feel free to leave comments. Admins post the entries. Have a blog of your own you want to promote? Go for it! No problem.
Bloggers for Mitt. The more the merrier.

Quick Reply: yep, Can use that too.

Chat: At the bottom of the board it shows a log in. Try it and if it doesn't work use the log in right from the chat room itself. The chat is located at the bottom of the board. From time to time we'll see about having a scheduled chat.( It's available at all times.)Log in with your board username. If we don't seem to be using it that much it can always be removed.

HMTL: can be used here. Use preview if you want to be sure it worked. Run into a problem let me know.HTML and BB CODE are both enabled. WYSIWYG is NOT.
Any problem that i can't figure out it can go to the support forum. They're generally pretty timely with a response.

Those are the basics. Don't think i missed anything but if there's anything not covered bring er up. If you need more detail we'll come back to it.

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