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Mountain to Climb

It can be done. We can certainly try to keep Obama from being certified on Dec 17th in the electoral college. Failing that we can set our sights on 2016. If plan A doesn't work go to Plan B. It's going to be a mountain to climb but we've got determination on our side.

First the bad news,then the good news. Learned something from supporting Herman Cain. Yep,was first choice. The day he suspended there was a core group of die hard Cainiacs. I was one of them. You fight on .The bad news is that you assume that everyone is on the same page. You begin to see your group as representative of a larger picture.You think that we're all this large group of people,all on the same page,ready to march on. In the end you find out that you are the smaller world and everyone else was disappointed but moved on. I moved on later.There wasn't a chance of Cain coming back and he had NO interest in a future run Reality bites. The good news is learn from this; we keep the core group strong,UNITED,DETERMINED and WORKING towards the future goal. Reach out to as many people as possible.The mistake is assuming. Strengthen the ground game. Look for the weaknesses and get rid of them. Build on what works. Above all,take every avenue possible with as many ppl as possible. We have a great candidate and there's no reason Romney can't take it with Obama & his corrupt little machine out of the way in 2016.The corrupt media will still be there. An uninformed electorate will still be hanging around. The only thing missing will be their fearless leader. Unless they decide to go for a third term(nothing would surprise me)and then we have a whole new battle on our hands. That will be the day we let them do that. That aside:

A lot of ppl think Hillary will be the Dem candidate in 2016.I have my doubts. It will be a wide open field and chances are the Dems will do the same thing the Rep did this time around. They will end up with a whole slew of candidates. We have to make sure Romney becomes the one for the Rep party and i think the Dem candidate will be a total surprise. Fortunately they won't be half as corrupt as Obama. If the bar doesn't stay as low as Obama made it there will be a fairer shot. We have never seen a sleazier more corrupt campaign than Obama's. He lied,did character assassinations and God knows there was voter fraud all over the place.

Our main talking point will be Romney won. He did. The other good news is that we know now to begin the fight against the corrupt media early.This may be the higher mountain to climb.They are not going to change even with Obama out of the White House..

We will have to keep in mind that there will be a tendency for people to want to look for 'fresh faces'. We will be up against politics as usual. Plus the establishment has circled the wagons on Mitt-our worst enemy may be our own. Don't let them steal the narrative. Romney was not a terrible candidate. We know better. We will need bloggers, tweeters, people willing to write in response to these articles. A whole army willing to go to bat for Romney NOW. We could use ppl to put up websites for Romney 2016 while we speak of Romney in present terms. What a great candidate he was this time; and how he will be that same great candidate in 2016. If we make up our minds to do this-it CAN be done.

My gut tells me this will be a roller coaster and we will have to stay steady. Some days will look bleak and other days will look like there's a good shot. Chances are it will go back and forth for awhile. We keep our eyes on the goal no matter what.

Brainstorm. I bet a lot of ppl have some great ideas. Never be afraid to put em out here! Those campaign 'consultants' generally don't have a clue compared to the ppl out here. You can do this! It take a combination of thinking inside the box-the tried and true does work.Sometimes ppl write off traditional methods and live to regret it We need to think outside the box too-these new and fresh methods making use of the technologies and social networks have to be used. Again those who don't make full use of these methods live to regret it.We'll use BOTH.
Everyone ready to roll? Then,let's roll.

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