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NOTE: For Non Members this is a view only board. Members have access to all features. This way any 'trolls' will get a *move along* message. Those who are truly interested in our cause will take the time to join. Trolls will NOT be tolerated.PERIOD.
Nor will spam. If you receive a private message or email that is not board related pls report it to the admin. Any correspondence you feel is questionable bring it to attention immediately. The board does not solicit funds or ask for personal info. If it looks like spam it probably is. It generally doesn't happen on the boards but doesn't mean will never. If you ever receive private messages/email that make you uncomfortable pls report.It has not been sent with the approval of the administration.Should there be a time a member feels we need to raise funds for Draft Romney it is something we would do publicly with the consent of our members.

if you're posting here then you are probably one of the many who voted for the Romney-Ryan Come Back Team. We were absolutely heartbroken for reasons too numerous for me to mention but we're going to pick ourselves up and fight on. You may like to express those reasons. Feel free. We know what our country missed out on and the nightmare we now face. Let's have hope. Let's also work towards a 2nd Victory in 2016. We know the real story about this election. We also know what we're up against but that's not going to stop us.In fact i feel even MORE motivated to get Mitt elected than ever! Maybe you're someone who didn't vote Romney but now wish you had.You're welcome too.
We're in this together and yes there will be victory in 2016. We will work as hard as we must and when the time comes we will be ready to draft Mitt and get the ground game on.
Thanks for joining. Much appreciated. God bless all of you.I look forward to meeting everyone who knew what this election meant and what a good man Mitt is-and what a terrific woman Ann Romney is.
IF you have any questions in re to the board be sure to post em in off topic. Will get them answered. You can check out the FAQ in the menu also.There are some basics but don't be afraid to ask for an assist. It might take awhile to navigate around here but you'll get the hang of it. You can use Off Topic for topics that may not fit into the other categories. Talk about anything you like there. If you're not sure a topic fits into the other categories just post there. Good spot to give the features a try.

BTW. I am looking for one or two admins to give a hand here. If you're interested at all give a holler. Team work is the best way to go.

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